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Skype Math Lessons Online Why

We offer the most qualified math tutors on the web. In order to prove that to you we offer a free, no risk trial class with our tutors in order to see if our online Skype Math tutoring service is exactly what you are looking for. For details on each course, please just click on the type of math you are interested in learning.

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Math Tutor on Skype Typical Skype Math Tutoring Session Breakdown

Every Skype math tutoring session is custom made to suite the students needs, but this is the standard breakdown of how a Skype math tutoring session with would work.

1)Your qualified math teacher will let you know about the days activities. This may happen via email before your class, or they can let you know at the end of your previous Skype math tutoring session.

2)At the Skype math tutoring session start time, you and your math teacher will log on to your Skype accounts and establish a live link with you.

3) Your math tutor will use a combination of oral and written instructions to interact with you during your 60 minute math lesson. The Skype chat window will be used to provide written materials and instructions and the share screen functionality will be used as the blackboard.

4) At the conclusion of each of your Skype Math tutoring, your teacher will give you a homework assignment designed to help you internalize the material covered in the math lesson.

As you start to work through your personalized math curriculum, you may decide that you would like to make some changes. For this your qualified Skype math teacher will help you adjust the curriculum based on your evolving needs and goals. We also ask you to contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to working with you to make sure your Skype Math tutoring lead to your dream of learning math becoming a reality.